Code of Conduct

Sportsmanship - Win with humility and lose with grace. Offer encouragement, be understanding, listen without judgment, value opinions and support each other's choices. Do not interfere with another players game unless they specifically ask for your help.

Safety - Check in with staff at the desk before you sit down. Express yourself non-violently and age appropriately in your actions and language. Respect the physical space of people around you. If you are over 18 years of age, DO NOT sit to play with minors without checking with staff first. Leave other peoples' things alone and keep your hands to yourself.

Make a Reservation - Games are all run first come-first served. We offer reservations for games that run with limited seating. Visit our website and you can reserve by phone (207)404-9943 or in person ahead of time. These games include Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Tournaments, and other Role Playing Games.

Accountability - Take care of your stuff and ours! Accept responsibility for your actions, behaviors and attitudes. If you are borrowing store games, put them back in the same condition as you borrowed them. If you bring games, toys, etc... with you when you visit, take them with you when you leave. Please DO NOT leave items behind. We will do our best to get any abandoned items back to their owners, however if items are not claimed in 30 days, they become shop property and will be dealt with accordingly.

Orphaned Cards, Figures, Dice, etc... - First and Foremost, we try to reunite the lost things with their rightful owner! After 1 week of the item in question not being claimed, we will do one of 3 things with it. 1. Cards/Game Pieces will be incorporated into the after school/homeschool programs for students and new players to borrow. 1. Cards/Game Pieces will be sold to purchase additional suppliers for people to borrow and use while in the shop. 3. They will be disposed of if they are deemed unusable.

Sale Policy

  • New Products - we do our best to acquire the highest

I want to try _________ game, but the start up cost is more than I want to spend just to see if I like it, can you help?

  • Magic the Gathering - we have decks for rent
  • Pokemon - we have decks for rent
  • Warhammer - we have 3 shop armies that you can rent
  • World of Tanks - we have the game here to play during open play
  • Board Games - we have lots of these available for use during open play

Do you buy used Games/Cards/Comic Books/Cosplay Gear?

  • Games - we occasionally purchase used games, however, they must be fully intact, in good shape, and something our players want. Most of the games that we purchase are for people to use in the shop while here.
  • Cards - We do purchase cards for games including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh and several others. Cards that come in sorted and organized will be considered for individual pricing. If you are bringing in over 20 cards and they are not sorted, organized or in lightly played condition, we will look at them as bulk and offer you bulk rates.
  • Comic Books - We do occasionally purchase comic books. They MUST be in excellent shape and free of mold. We do not purchase comics that smell like damp basement.
  • Cosplay Gear - Yes, we do occasionally purchase cosplay outfits, accessories, and weapons. They MUST be clean, have no odor, and be in good condition.
  • From now until January 1st, we are not accepting any trade-ins for store credit and are not purchasing used items.

Can I order products from you before they release on the market?

Some products like Warhammer and Magic the Gathering, we have the ability to purchase before they go live online. If there is something you saw online, heard about, or think might be in the pipeline, feel free to ask. If we can get it for you, we will! We do require a minimum 50% deposit on any pre-ordered items and payment in full is greatly appreciated. If there is any trouble getting your item in a reasonable time, we will have a discussion with you asking if you want to wait or want a refund.

Can I rent play space in the shop?

Members get preference for rental space, but we do offer space for Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and board games for people who would like to play.

Do I need to know how to play Dungeons and Dragons before signing up for a session?

NO! We can make you a character sheet when you arrive, we have dice and mini's for you to borrow during the session. It's all about rolling dice and having fun.

Are you hiring?

We are not hiring at this time.

Are your products for all age groups?

Not all products are for all ages, BUT! We have games for adults of every age, children as young as 4, and everything in between.

Are you a sanctioned store?

  • We are a Wizards Approved shop offering Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons
  • We are Warhammer Approved offering 40K, Age of Sigmar and their other lines
  • We are an Asmodee Retailer with board games, card games, etc.
  • We are a Battlefront shop offering World of Tanks, WWIII, Team Yankee and their other lines.
  • We carry several lines of dice including D&D Dice, Old School Dice and Accessories, Foam Brain Games, and other assorted lines

Do you have video games and game systems?

We do not carry video games or video gaming systems. We have chosen to specialize in games that you play face to face.

Food Policy

Please ask staff before bringing outside food or drinks into the shop. For some events we do allow food to be brought in, however there are several events where food/drink is a distraction from the game and could cause problems. During those games we do not allow food or drink.

Rules on Cosplay/Larp Outfits and Behaviors

  • Along with the store's code of conduct.....
  • We ask that you check-in all weapons real or fake at the desk and let us know what you have with you. For our protection and yours. It is important that access to weapons real or fake that could cause harm, not fall into the wrong hands.
  • We ask that outfits you wear during normal events be acceptable for a PG or PG-13 movie. Shoes are required at all times.